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Girl VS Tower(GIRL<<TOWER) is a high-score bullet hell game. You play the game by adjusting enemy parameters and seeing how much score  you can get.

Or you can turn off the bullets and just stare at the girl from any angle and make her make poses. 

If you are a game dev, this is the perfect game to test how Amane Kisora-chan looks in action. You can find her 3d model in unity asset store by searching SapphiArt.

How to play

Run: W,A,S,D;
Shoot: Mouse left click(you can change bullet type in setting);
Kick: Mouse right click;
Jump kick: E(invincible);
Big jump kick: Q(invincible);
Jump: space+W,A,S,D(invincible);
Turn to camera direction: left Alt;
Camera: Mouse;
Pause Menu: Esc;

About enemy parameters

You can adjust enemy parameters in pause menu. Here are a list of parameters you can  change:

  • Fire Rate
  • Bullet Speed
  • Bullet Power
  • Aim Speed
  • Spawn Rate
  • Max Number

About player bullets

There are 3 optional bullet types in this game: homing, spread, laser. You can change bullet type in pause menu. It will also spread bullets to all direction if you destroy enemy with jump kick or big jump kick(big jump kick spread more bullets and the bullets go farther).

About camera control

Adjust camera distance by scrolling, adjust camera height by moving mouse while pressing middle mouse button. Camera control is locked in pause menu and gameover scene, but you can unlock it by holding right mouse button.


Game development: TeppuTeppu;
Character model: SapphiArt;
Music: 音楽の卵;
Sound Effect: 効果音ラボ;
Voice Acting: 効果音ラボ;

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Updated 26 days ago
Tags3D, Anime, High Score, Manga

Install instructions

 If your pc is low spec, you can adjust the game setting to make it run smoothly.


GirlVSTower.rar 35 MB

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